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BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections in Leesburg

Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center cosmetic surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang performs a BOTOX® injectable procedure at his Leesburg Va office, describing what the process is like and what results his patients can expect.

Transcript of video:
I’m Dr Phillip Chang at Aesthetica Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in Leesburg Va and this is Christina and we’re going to do a demonstration today on BOTOX. Right now we are going to try to treat some of the lines on her face that she doesn’t like. She’s obviously pretty but there are thing she doesn’t like which are the lines on her forehead. Christina raise your eyebrows. Those lines. Also her angry lines or the elevens or as she calls them her “Grrr” lines and then her crows feet lines which honestly she doesn’t have too much of but when she smiles you can see some of those lines right across here.

So those are the three main areas that we do Botox for without any numbing. We can demonstrate that this really is a relatively painless procedure. So we’re going to do this area right across here. We will do it on both sides (of the face.)

I am very result oriented and what that means is I treat by the area and if that doesn’t work you can come back and be treated again as long as it is within a reasonable time. We usually put a limit on that of about two week. If it hasn’t worked in two weeks it’s probably not going to work and you can come back for a touch-up.

These angry lines here, you can see that these vertical muscles right here are really kind of strong for her. What we are going to do is get these lines right across here, put the needle in,

Dr. Chang, “Did that hurt?”

Christina, “No.”

Ok so we can get those muscles directly. I inject a little bit as I withdraw and what that does is reduces the bleeding to a large extent. As you can see she is not bleeding there at all. The length of this muscle is long, you can see that here so we will try to get all the way across to try to avoid as many needle pricks as possible. And then we inject here at the face of the muscle.

To find out more about BOTOX Cosmetic and to schedule you free consultation in Leesburg VA, contact us online or call us at 703.729.5553

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