Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment is stressful and overwhelming. You’ve had your mastectomy and if you chose not to have reconstruction surgery at the time of your procedure you might be feeling confused about what to do now. You know you would like to feel whole again but maybe you’re unsure about having to go through another procedure. Many women share these thoughts. It’s only natural to want to reshape and rejuvenate your breasts back to a more natural and youthful state, (especially after cancer treatment) and breast reconstruction is a relatively simple way of doing so.

I can understand the hesitations many women may have when deciding whether or not to undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. But I still find it surprising to learn that more breast cancer patients don’t opt for reconstructive surgery after their mastectomies because most women find that they are very happy once they decide to move forward with the reconstructive procedure.

Of 106,988 breast cancer patients who underwent a mastectomy from 2000 to 2010, only about 22 percent chose to also have reconstructive breast surgery directly after. These numbers are of particular interest to me because my experience with breast lift surgery began while I was caring for breast cancer patients who lost part or all of their breasts during treatment.

Research has shown that reconstructive breast surgery can be extremely helpful in improving both the quality of life and the overall psychological well being of mastectomy patients. Many breast cancer patients feel distressed when they look down to find a flat, scarred chest post-mastectomy. I’ve seen so many reconstructive surgeries (whether performed immediately after treatment or a bit farther down the road) help women to regain their confidence and get back to living their normal, pre-cancer lives’. One patient remarked, “The huge difference is my self esteem and feeling like a woman again.”

The first step on the road to new breasts is talking to a surgeon. My main priority will always be to openly discuss what you hope to achieve and expect from your reconstruction and then provide you with each and every option available to ensure you to achieve the perfect result.

Women choose to undergo breast enhancement procedures for many different reasons; each situation is unique and personal. If you’re recovering from breast cancer treatment and find yourself thinking about wanting to feel more comfortable in your skin again their are many reconstruction options that can restore your breasts to a very natural and authentic shape and get you back on the road to a normal everyday life.

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